Nancy Winship Milliken Studio

Collaborating with farms since 2008 to explore the textural layers of the commonplace


Contemporary Pastoralism project is an exploration of what we may find. It is a way of looking: a rediscovery and reinvention of what we may already know, the musty piles of compost, or the cloven hooves, farm boots, and tractor that imprints in a muddy pasture and writes the farm’s routine like a Braille narrative......

Photography provided by Holly Lynton, Doug Anderson, Ian Ray, Nancy Winship Milliken, Jeff Derose

  Compost Print , silk, compost and time, 2015

Compost Print, silk, compost and time, 2015


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 Foxy (Shire) at  Blue Star Equiculture , playing with silk to make a print of the pasture

Foxy (Shire) at Blue Star Equiculture, playing with silk to make a print of the pasture

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