MarWin Farm

New Hartford, Connecticut

Kenny Dahill


One-day residency resulting in the
Feather Flower series


To better understand my role as an omnivore, I went to MarWin Farm on slaughter day to help out. MarWin Farm located in New Hartford, Connecticut is the result of the continuous quest of Kenny Dahill to produce the finest culinary ingredients available anywhere on the planet. They support livestock breed diversity and the American Livestock conservancy and the Slow Food Organization. With steam rising from the birds as we de-feathered and gutted, we processed 30 chickens and ducks that cold March day. This resulted in a slow-processed development of feather sculptures. 

My Mother Killed

My mother killed

Some chickens in our backyard

At night, the coyotes come to lick the grass.

Charles Milliken



  My Mother Killed,  duck feathers, hardware cloth, 10x2x1', 2015

My Mother Killed, duck feathers, hardware cloth, 10x2x1', 2015

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