Shelburne Farms

Shelburne, Vermont

Nonprofit organization

2014 Four-month residency


Shelburne Farms is a nonprofit educational organization that cares about the sustainability and quality of life on earth. My playground and studio comprised 1400 acres of managed woodland and farm fields. There are many compelling attributes of Shelburne Farms. One of them is space: it is vast and open thanks to the grazing livestock. It was my intention early on to honor this noble landscape and the environmental mission of Shelburne Farms. It became clear to me that I wanted to engage the viewer with the land, surrounding water and open sky. Windscape is meant to be viewed from far away as well as to draw you into this irresistible field and join the herd. Using the texture of wool, my goal is to re-sensitize the desensitized viewer. Wool begs to be touched and smelled. It is the exact opposite of the touch-screens of our everyday. Wind plays with the tendrils.

 Detail of   Windscape   wool sail

Detail of Windscape wool sail