Steering Committee

Contemporary Pastoralism Steering Committee:


I am grateful for this group of farmers, artists, writers and art historians who are providing guidance for the vision of the Contemporary Pastoralism project.


Sarah Bliss


Sarah Bliss is an artist and filmmaker who explores the relationships between body, place, language and memory.  Her work engages both personal and social history, examining in particular the experience of religious faith and the consequences of both its demands and its absence.

Rosalyn Driscoll

Rosalyn Driscoll is an artist living in Western Massachusetts whose sculptures, installations, collaborations, research and writing explore sensory, embodied perception and somatic experience. She is a core member of Sensory Sites, an international collaborative collective of artists and writers based in London. 

Stephen Kiernan

Stephen Kiernan is an author, musician and father who lives in Vermont. His most recent book is The Hummingbird

Karen Kurczynski

Karen Kurczynski is Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her book The Art and Politics of Asger Jorn: The Avant-Garde Won't Give Up will appear with Ashgate in 2014.

Nicki Robb

Nicki Robb is the Director of The Land Stewardship Program at The Hartsbrook School, in Hadley, Massachusetts

Charlie Tipper

Charlie Tipper calls himself the idea broker. He helps manifest big dreams through ingenuity and clear insight and vision. Tipper’s specialty is redevelopment and is currently working on the Moran plant in Burlington, VT